PVC banners require very little maintenance, but there are a few ways to extend the life of your banner with very little effort.

Following these tips on maintaining and storing your banner will ensure it’s increased durability…


Storing your banner

Never fold your banner – this could cause unsightly fold marks and hinder the way the banner design looks and functions. The best way to store your banner is to lay it flat. If you don’t have the room to lay it flat the second best storage option is to roll the banner. It is preferable to roll the banner around a tube (4-5” diameter) and place in a clear plastic bag.

When rolling your banner, you should always roll it with the graphics facing out toward you and not rolled inward onto itself – this helps preserve your graphics.

If your banner has been folded or is wrinkled, you can use a blow dryer to gently heat the fabric which causes it to relax.

Avoid storing the banner in damp areas for long periods of time as this will result in mould forming on the surface.

Cleaning your banner

To keep your banners looking fresh, just clean with a sponge and soapy water. Do not scrub or use any harsh abrasive chemical, as this could damage the printing. The banner should be completely dry before rehanging or storing.

Consider how to re-use your old banner

The lifespan of your banner depends on how and where it has been hung and how it has been maintained. However long your banner lasts, when it will no longer work as a banner you could use it as a tarpaulin – a protective external covering.  Another idea would be to donate it to a school, where the children may be able to use the reverse of the banner to create a work or art.

Recycled banner fabrics are just now coming onto the market. We will be testing these products very soon and will offer this as an option for customers who want a totally green banner. We’ll keep you posted on this.

In the mean time, we hope your banner gives you lots of bang for your buck.


You will increase the lifespan of your banner if it is properly maintained, stored and installed.

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