Buyer’s (the Buyer) order placement constitutes an offer to purchase goods of Loud and Clear graphics Ltd (the Seller) and Seller’s order acknowledgement constitutes acceptance of the Buyer’s order. Buyer’s order acknowledgement provides the weblink to these Terms and Conditions on Seller’s website and incorporates by reference these Terms and Conditions into the purchase agreement between Buyer and Seller. Any quotation given by Seller for the sale of goods is an invitation to the Buyer to make an offer only and no order placed by the Buyer with the Seller in pursuance of a quotation or otherwise shall be binding on the Seller unless and until it is accepted in writing by the Sellers acceptance of order form or despatch note or delivery note, or the goods are despatched or the work is commenced.


Any contract made with the Seller for the sale of goods or work shall incorporate and be subject to these conditions and any representation or warranty, written or orally made or given prior to the contract is hereby expressly excluded and all brochures, specifications, drawings, catalogues, particulars, shapes, descriptions and illustrations, price lists and other advertising matter are intended only to present a general idea of the goods described therein.


Specifications quoted by the Seller must be treated as approximate only and the Seller reserves the right to amend without notice at any time prior to delivery, the specifications, material and/or process of manufacture of its product.


2.1 All prices are exclusive of transport, packing and VAT.

2.2 Prices in relation to a given quantity of goods apply only on the basis that there is a continuous production run of that quantity unless specifically otherwise stated, such continuous run being at the Sellers discretion. If the Buyer reduces the quantity of goods ordered, which necessitates a production run of a lesser quantity, the price applicable to the lesser quantity shall apply and if not covered by quotation, reasonable adjustment of price shall be made by the Seller.



All orders must be paid in full when ordering.