Sign buying guide to our safety sign products and how to choose which sign is right for you…

Our Range of Products:

Sign buying guide for our large choice of safety signs available to purchase online in the UK – we could be accused of offering too many signs! This site with its powerful filter navigation is an extension of this huge choice, enabling you to find exactly the right sign for you – quickly and easily from more than 1000 standard safety signs which we offer.

To find the right sign for you…

You can either type in what you’re looking for in plain language to the search, or you can refine the list of products by things which might be important to you using the filters. For example if you’re looking for a “small no smoking sticker”,  you can either just put this into the search, or you can pick “smoking” from the Categories filter, “small” from the Size filter and “self-adhesive vinyl” from the material filter – both would show the same products.

Why use Safety Signs:

Sign buying guide for safety signage is an important aspect of every organisation or business’s management of Health & Safety in the workplace. Safety signs are not a substitute for safe working practices – but they can help further reduce the risks once all other practical steps have been taken. In order to make every UK safety sign universally understood there are design rules which manufacturers have to follow.

Since no one explains these ‘rules’ many people think that a safety sign must be a certain size or type of material – and so they put up with a limited choice of products from their supplier.

Safety signs from Loud and Clear Graphics are available in every practical size and material option. This means that you can choose the sign that best fits your application – and not be restricted to ones that suit the manufacturer, so that the number of stocked items are limited.