Warning signs.

The Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires that employers must display warning signs in the workplace. The HSE website states that “making the workplace safe includes providing instructions to encourage people to work safely and responsibly”. Warning signs are designed to ensure a safer working environment by displaying a clear visual warning of  potential health and safety hazards to employees, visitors or the public.

It is an employers responsibility to have a risk assessment to highlight potential hazards in and around the workplace. It is vital to keep the workplace accident free with the display the appropriate safety information.

Warning signs are especially important in industries such as construction and manufacturing.

The warning sign symbol is typically triangular and yellow with a black outline, symbol and text.

Our signs are available in various sizes and materials.

If you cannot find the sign you are looking for please call us and we will be happy to help.

  • Access

    Access (6 Items)

  • Below feet

    Below feet (9 Items)

  • Chemical

    Chemical (11 Items)

  • Construction Site

    Construction Site (18 Items)

  • Electrical Warning Signs

    Electrical Warning Signs (25 Items)

  • Explosive

    Explosive (3 Items)

  • Flammable

    Flammable (7 Items)

  • General

    General (12 Items)

  • Overhead

    Overhead (8 Items)

  • Radiation

    Radiation (3 Items)

  • Temperature

    Temperature (7 Items)

  • Toxic

    Toxic (9 Items)

  • Vehicles

    Vehicles (12 Items)

  • Warning overhead crane
    £9.00£54.00 including VAT

    Warning overhead crane

  • Caution hot surface
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Caution Hot surface

  • Motorway Maintenance
    £6.60 including VAT

    Motorway Maintenance

  • Main switch sign
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT
  • Danger Live wires
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT
  • Danger Compressed gas sign
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Danger Compressed gas sign

  • Danger Radiation risk
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Danger Radiation risk

  • Warning reduced headroom
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Warning reduced headroom

  • Beware low temperature
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Beware Low temperature

  • Highway Maintenance
    £6.60 including VAT

    Highway Maintenance

  • Danger Overhead cables height limit sign
    £10.50£54.00 including VAT

    Danger Overhead cables height limit sign

  • Danger Live terminals sign
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Danger Live terminals sign

  • Warning Corrosive risk
    £0.90£6.90 including VAT

    Warning Corrosive

  • Radiation symbol
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Radiation symbol (white background)

  • Caution slippery surface
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Caution slippery surface

  • Risk of freezing
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Risk of freezing

  • Warning Anti-climb paint
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Warning Anti-climb paint

  • Danger Overhead live wires
    £9.00£30.00 including VAT

    Danger Overhead live wires

  • Danger Mains voltage sign
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Danger Mains voltage sign

  • Danger Acid
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Danger Acid

  • Radiation symbol sign
    £2.22£6.60 including VAT

    Radiation symbol (yellow background)

  • Caution wet floor
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Caution wet floor

  • Caution hot surface warning sticker
    £1.02 including VAT

    Caution hot surface sticker

  • Caution Razor wire
    £3.30£6.90 including VAT

    Caution Razor wire