Our recycling signs have been developed by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) to encourage the collection of waste materials for recycling and their correct disposal. WRAP is a registered charity whose aim is to ‘accelerate the move to a sustainable resource-efficient economy’. These signs encourage everyone to make an effort to recycle. Our environment and resources have been taken for granted for too long and we urgently need to actively recycle whenever possible to preserve our planet for future generations. It requires individual effort and a recycling sign is a start.

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to implement recycling schemes in the workplace. Our recycling signs will encourage staff and visitors to comply with your company’s recycling policy. Recycle signs should be displayed near recycling bins or designated areas on your company premises. Our recycle signs are available in a variety of sizes, symbols and materials, featuring easily recognisable recycling symbols.  Browse our collection of Recycle signs and let us know if you can not find what you need. We can customise signs to meet your requirements.