First Aid Signs

First Aid signs indicate the measures, means or personnel to give first aid in the event of an accident or injury.

Health and Safety Regulations state that employers must ensure that first-aid equipment and facilities are suitably marked and easily accessible. In the First Aid Health & Safety Regulations 1996, the HSE stress that employers must carry out a risk assessment to determine the first aid needs in your workplace. Displaying appropriate signage will ensure that first aid equipment and facilities can be quickly and easily located.

Using the correct Emergency First Aid signs could save a life.  A First Aid sign must be white on green with the universal cross symbol. Workplace first aid rooms or areas must be clearly displayed. First aid kit location signs play a particularly important role reminding staff of where first aid kits are located.  This is important as accidents requiring first aid attention are few and far between.  Signs help to remind staff where these vital items of equipment are located.

Signs can also help change behavior and support vital elements of your health and safety policy.  Accident reporting is a vital part of ongoing health and safety improvements and signs like “report all accidents immediately” can encourage that the correct protocols are followed.

Available in various sizes and materials. If you cannot find the sign you need please let us know and we will be happy to help.