Fire Door Signs

It is vital for businesses to ensure that all fire doors have a fire door safety sign such as a ‘fire door keep shut’ sign. Also, signs which give clear instructions for how to open a fire exit door in an emergency are essential to ensure a straightforward and speedy exit from a building, such as ‘push bar to open’.

Fire Door Keep Shut –  remind building users to shut fire doors.  Fire doors should remain closed in order to prevent fires from spreading from one area of a building to another. These signs, if observed, can help save lives.

Fire Door Keep Locked Shut – For areas where it is vital that doors are kept locked shut to prevent the spread of fire.

Fire Exit Keep Clear – As important as stopping fires from spreading is ensuring that Fire Exits are kept clear.  It is vital to mark all fire exits to ensure people keep them clear.  Well placed Keep Clear signage will prevent fire exits from being obstructed.

Keep door unlocked – These signs instruct that internal or external doors which are on a fire exit route must not be locked. They remind security staff that they should not lock vital fire exits.

Unlock when occupied – These signs are intended for doors which are locked at night or when the building is empty.  They remind security and facilities staff to unlock doors when premises are occupied.

Custom Fire Door signs

If you cannot find the fire door sign you need, please let us know and we will be happy to help.