Fire safety signs

Fire is one of the biggest dangers within the workplace and one of the most important aspects of Health & Safety signage. Fire safety signs are vital for all business premises and provide a clear visual guide to employees, visitors and the general public.

Under the Health & Safety Regulations 1996, the EC Safety Signs Directorate was brought into effect to standardise fire safety signs across the European Union.

Fire signs are required when risks exist which cannot be avoided or controlled by other means. Employers must have clear fire escape plans with clearly marked exit routes and fire fighting equipment. Failure to comply could lead to a fire inspector prohibition notice, but far worse would be the risk of injuries or even fatalities.

Your local fire authority can give advice on the correct use of appropriate fire safety signage.

Fire safety signs fall into three categories:

Fire exit – green and white

Fire equipment – red and white

Fire action – blue and white

All three types are vital for fire prevention and reducing the impact of fire should one break out.