School Banners

School banners can draw attention to the school’s successes, inform and inspire parents and children and engage the surrounding community. We have a wide range of banners which we hope will cover all school events, let us know if there’s anything we have missed.

We have a large selection of templates to choose from, with three standard sizes  1830mm x 610mm / 2440mm x 915mm / 3050mm x 1140mm. If you would like any other size, please contact us.  We can print any size banner you may require.

If you would like to alter any of our templates, or use your own artwork, please contact us and we will work with you to produce your own unique design.

We aim to send all our school banners out within two days of the order being placed.

Please note that we can offer 30 day credit terms to schools when requested.

Simply email your enquiry to

  • Exam success

    Exam success (2 Items)

  • Nursery Schools

    Nursery Schools (8 Items)

  • Open day

    Open day (3 Items)

  • Road safety

    Road safety (4 Items)

  • School Fair

    School Fair (13 Items)

  • Ofsted banners and signs

    Ofsted banners and signs (23 Items)

  • BAN_Fx_01
    £3.99£7.99 exc VAT
  • BAN_FX_2
    £6.00£13.00 exc VAT
  • BAN_SCH038_Christmas Market
    £40.00£85.00 exc VAT

    Christmas Market banner

  • BAN_SCH001-Ofsted_Outstanding
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted Outstanding banner

  • BAN_SCH002-Ofsted_Good
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT
  • BAN_SCH003_outstanding_in_ALL_areas
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted OUTSTANDING in ALL areas banner

  • BAN_SCH004_good_with_outstanding_features
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted good with outstanding features banner

  • Ofsted Outstanding quotation banner
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted Outstanding quotation banner

  • Ofsted Good quotation banner
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted Good quotation banner

  • BAN_SCH007_tick_outstanding
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT
  • BAN_SCH008_tick_good
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted Good with outstanding features banner

  • BAN_SCH009_outstanding_all_areas
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted Good in ALL areas banner

  • BAN_SCH010_outstanding_in_all_areas_contact
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted Outstanding in ALL areas banner with contact details

  • BAN_SCH017_outstanding_children
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted OUTSTANDING children banner

  • BAN_SCH018_good_children
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted GOOD children banner

  • BAN_SCH013_outstanding_thumbs_up
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted outstanding thumbs up banner

  • BAN_SCH014_good_thumbs_up
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT
  • BAN_SCH015_outstanding_circles
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted OUTSTANDING circles banner

  • BAN_SCH016_good_circles
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT
  • Keep our School Gates Smoke Free banner
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Keep our School Gates Smoke Free banner

  • BAN_SCH017__outstanding_again
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    Ofsted outstanding again banner

  • World Book Day banner
    £48.00£270.00 exc VAT

    World Book Day banner

  • BAN_SCH020_Summer Fair_option 1
    £40.00£85.00 exc VAT

    Summer Fair banner option 1

  • BAN_SCH021_Summer_fair_3
    £40.00£85.00 exc VAT

    Summer Fair banner option 3