Vinyl banners are a fantastic and cost effective means of promoting your business or event.

Banners can be made to any size and design and are fully waterproof so are ideal for use indoors or outdoors. We use PVC banner material which is basically a flexible plastic sheets material, reinforced by internal fibres that make it super strong and tear resistant, yet flexible and easy to handle. The surface is a bright white which enables us to print strong and vibrant colours using solvent inks which are fully weather proof and scratch resistant.

Our banner templates are shown in three standard sizes. Should you require a size that’s not listed then we can create larger or smaller banners upon request. No matter what size you pick, we promise never to compromise on the quality of your finished product.

Making banners is one of the mainstays of our business and we are passionate about producing great quality banners at the right price. If you ever have any questions about banner print, design, finishing or final fixing into position, give us a call and we’ll help!

Once you’ve received your banner, you’ll find that they’re really easy to fix into position. As standard we put eyelets in all our banner, so you can use screws and washers to attach them to a flat brick or a wooden surface, or use bungee ropes or cable ties to fix to fences or railings.