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Idle Free Zone banner


Implement an Idle Free zone around your school and reduce traffic-related air pollution caused by vehicles idling on school property.


Traffic congestion is a familiar sight around schools during drop off and pick up times. A collection of idling vehicles creates a hot spot of exhaust pollution. Children walk through this smog daily on their way to and from school. Because of their developing lungs and higher breathing rates, children are more susceptible to air pollution. There is increasing evidence to prove that children and adolescents exposed to high levels of traffic-related air pollution have a higher risk of developing asthma.

_x000D_This PVC banner can easily be attached to school railings, fences or the side of a school building._x000D_Our banners are produced using a wide format printer, high quality, scratch resistant solvent inks. Our road safety / parking banners are printed onto a high strength 550gms banner material, which is a stronger material than used for our short term promotional banners. We use strong, weather resistant plastic eyelets, which are transparent, and so are discreet and allow the banner design to show through._x000D_Our banners are suitable for celebrations or short term promotions and can be used internally or externally._x000D_

Banner material used for our 'Idle Free Zone' banner

_x000D_550gsm  high strength  banner material._x000D_

Standard template sizes:

_x000D_1830mm or 6â wide x 610mm or 2â high_x000D_2440mm or 8â wide x 915mm or 3â high_x000D_3050mm or 10â wide x 1140mm or approx 3â 9â_x000D_If you would like this template in another size, please contact us._x000D__x000D_BAN_SCH135