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Glass Safety

Glass Safety building regulations require all glass entrance doors and glazed screens in your building to be clearly defined with glass manifestations. Large expanses of clear glass can be difficult to detect, making them potentially hazardous.

Glass Safety manifestations should be placed at two heights, 850mm to 1000mm and 1400mm to 1600mm above floor level.
This creates a contrast between the manifestation and the glazing, making it visible and preventing potential accidents.


Glass manifestations are usually created from a frosted film, which has a sandblasted, acid-etched effect.

We offer a range of standard designs including dots, squares and simple bands, as well as a range of more creative solutions. All designs come pre-spaced with application tape applied and with application instructions.

As long as the film and design chosen serves its purpose by making the glass apparent, there are no limitations to the designs that can be used. 

A functional safety requirement can be transformed into an eye-catching and impressive part of your premises. 

Contact us if you would like to use your own design, possibly a logo or text.

Glass safety is an important consideration for all public and business premises. They are also suitable for use in the home to improve the visibility and safety of glass or purely for decoration.

Glass stickers are usually applied to the inside of the glass.
Designs are reversed and applied to the inside of the glass so that, when viewed from outside, the image is correct.

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