Bungee Ball Ties


Bungee Ball Ties

Bungee Ball Ties are a fast and convenient solution to fixing your banner.

The elasticated cord will ensure the banner stays taut, while taking the stress off the banner eyelets and so prolonging the life of the banner. These fixings are re-usable, durable and UV resistant.

Length of cord:  203mm approx. Stretches to 350mm approx.

Cord Thickness: 5mm approx.

Ball Diameter: 27mm approx.

Available in packs of

x8 – suitable for fitting our 6′ x 2′ banner which has x8 eyelets

x12 – suitable for fitting our 8′ x 3′ banner which has x12 eyelets

x14 – suitable for fitting our 10′ x 9″ banner which has x14 eyelets

or as a pack of x20